Chinese Enterprises Shine International Solar Roof Exhibition Seeks Business Opportunities in North

2019-10-23 14:28

Recently, the American International Solar Energy Exhibition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 20000 entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and people from all walks of life from more than 80 countries around the world attended. A number of world-famous Chinese enterprises, such as Jingke Energy, Sungrow Power, Longji Loye Photovoltaic, Huawei, BYD, etc., all showed their competitive products and technologies, bringing a gust of Chinese wind. Industry insiders said that this exhibition is not only a competition ground for solar energy enterprises to compete for strength, but also a platform for Chinese enterprises to seek business opportunities in North America and the world.

Chinese solar energy enterprises exhibited world's excellent products

The American International Solar Energy Exhibition is jointly sponsored by the American Solar Power Association and the American Solar Energy Industry Association. It is not only a large-scale professional exhibition and trade fair for solar energy in North America, but also an influential international exhibition in the world's solar energy industry.

At the exhibition site, the stand of Chinese enterprises is very eye-catching. Not only large companies occupy an important position and attract attention, but also small companies have excellent products and attract audiences. Huawei's booth is in a prominent position. The products at the exhibition include FusionSolar cutting-edge industry standard solutions, the industry's 95KTL intelligent string inverter for 1500V and FusionHome intelligent energy solutions.

Chinese solar energy enterprises such as Yingli, Jingke Energy, Jing'ao, Sungrow Power and Longji Loye Photovoltaics, China Building Materials Group, Hanergy and so on all exhibited outstanding products in the world. The products they exhibited include monocrystalline silicon cells and modules, distributed photovoltaic power station equipment and accessories, etc. The double-sided double-glass solar panels are the main exhibits. This product has good performance, low cost, high efficiency and strong competitiveness in the solar market. In an interview with our reporter, BYD's overseas solar sales department said that their exhibits included four new solar module products including double-sided double-glass modules. It is understood that BYD solar modules have shipped nearly 1 gigawatt in the new energy market in the United States, and have accounted for about 50% of the FM energy storage market. During the exhibition, BYD also announced that it had won an order of US $10 million for solar modules.

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