What happens when the unmanned boat encounters photovoltaic?

2019-10-23 19:04

On September 15, it was reported that Mion Photovoltaics and Shanghai Jiaotong University had cooperated. The two sides had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) cooperation agreement on the unmanned boat photovoltaic application project. The two sides reached an agreement on the cooperation of the unmanned boat photovoltaic application project through full and friendly negotiation. Both parties will support and help each other while investing in the project under the existing advantageous resources. Based on the cooperation of innovative practice, further promote the development and application of the unmanned boat project.

Professor Yi Hong, doctoral supervisor of the School of Marine and Architectural Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that "in order to serve the national strategic needs of the" the Belt and Road Initiative "and promote the development of green and intelligent marine equipment, Shanghai Jiaotong University has made fruitful achievements in scientific exploration and technological innovation in recent years, and has also won a number of national projects such as the national research and development plan" All Sea Deep Unmanned Vehicle (ARV) ", Jiaotong University should take off again in the course of serving the needs of the country. "

It is reported that in terms of unmanned boats, Shanghai Jiaotong University has carried out research for many years, and formed a green intelligent unmanned boat technology with high seakeeping ship type as the technology, energy application technology, complex background target recognition technology, intelligent path planning and collision avoidance technology as the core, supporting the exploration of unmanned boats and unmanned ship technology in China.

"As a well-known distributed photovoltaic solution service provider in Shanghai, this cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University is also to implement the country's strategic development needs and support the smooth implementation of the unmanned boat project," said the CTO of Mion Photovoltaic.

In this cooperation, Mion Photovoltaic uses the functional advantages of solar power generation to provide steering power for the sails of unmanned boats and truly achieve the goal of green, environmental protection and energy conservation. In addition, during the whole cooperation period of the project, Mion Photovoltaics provides Shanghai Jiaotong University with any technical consultation on photovoltaic applications free of charge; Not only that, Mion PV will also actively participate in the periodic discussion meetings of the project; Before the commercial operation of the project, they are willing to deliver the application of the unmanned boat model in the photovoltaic field at a price close to the cost; After that, Mion PV can promote the application of PV in the direction of intelligent green ship technology for the development of this project. This is not only an attempt for the unmanned boat project, but also an innovative application for the entire photovoltaic field.

Green and intelligent has become an important trend in the development of marine equipment in the future. It is hoped that the cooperation between the two sides can achieve innovative applications in the photovoltaic field, and that the unmanned boat project can be carried out smoothly and provide leapfrog success for the development of China's offshore equipment.